Taking care of your tent - after the trip


Taking care of your tent - after the trip

We can debate stuff or roll in another post, but the most important thing you can do for your tent is store it completely dry.

Easiest way is find an out of the way area and hang from the loop at the top.  If you tent does not have a loop - use a tie out or just drape it over something.  Shower rods in a bathroom work great.  Hooks in a garage ceiling, attic, a closet anywhere you can keep it for a few days.  In our case, we have a dozen or so 3M command hooks on a wall in our receiving office that demo tents are routinely hanging on.  A couple days, they're good and dry and ready to be stored.

Most Luxe Outdoors tents have a polyurethane coating on the back of the fabric.   The PU coating adds strength and water proofing - but will break down faster if left exposed to moisture for long periods of time.   Non coated waterproof fabrics like sil-nylon or sil-poly won't break down like PU coatings if stored wet, but they WILL mildew.  Mildew and mold will decrease the life of the fabric as well.

Store it dry, store it in a dry place and your tent will last for many years.
By James Dick