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  • 4# 9oz
  • Adjustable legs
  • Carry bag included
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Demo stove - may have dimples in the chimney and typical minor warping of the body after burn in.  All parts are included.

Premium titanium wood stove with adjustable legs and a reinforced top plate.  Includes a 8' 2.5" roll up titanium stove pipe with spark arrestor and tie outs to keep the stove pipe stable in windy conditions.  Includes carry bag.

The stove body is 13.5" long x 7-5/8" wide by 6-5/8" tall


Always provide adequate ventilation when using this stove.  It is not intended for use in an airtight building or house.


To roll the stove pipe for the first time - wear gloves (this stuff is sharp), follow the directions in this video.  Alternately use two people and a length of 1-1/4" diameter PVC pipe.  Carefully roll the stove pipe around the pipe, and use the included rings to hold the pipe in shape.  Remove the PVC pipe, add the spark arrestor, attach to the stove and you're ready to burn.


The stove must be burned in before use to remove any residue or oil from the manufacturing process.  We suggest two initial burns.  Light the stove, stoke the fire box and let it burn with the dampers wide open.  After the stove cools, remove the stove pipe and swap ends so the damper end is now the top end (with spark arrester) and the top (which had the spark arrestor) is now the damper end.  Now do a second burn.  This will allow the stove pipe to burn in from top to bottom which makes it significantly easier to roll.


Safety First!
The stove will get red hot - keep all flammable material away from the sides and stove pipe.  Remove all flammable liquids (camp stove fuel, etc) from the tent. 


Always use a stove jack - do not pass the stove pipe directly through the tent material.


Always provide a source of fresh air.  This could be as simple as making sure the door of the tent is slightly open.  On models with a snow skirt, make sure snow is not completely sealing off the perimeter of the tent.


Do not use charcoal!  Charcoal will generate huge amounts of carbon monoxide.


Do not leave the stove unattended.


Do not allow youth to operate the stove or play near the stove.


Do not operate without the spark arrestor.  Always follow any local burn restrictions.
Use a carbon monoxide detector mounted at or above head height.


Be aware of food odors in your tent if you use the stove to cook in your tent.  Here in Central Virginia, black bears hibernate intermittently and are active year round.   We would not cook in a tent because of the potential for attracting an animal.  In other parts of the country and during certain times of the year, this may not be a problem.

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